Flourless Dark Chocolate Sweet Potato Brownies | Dairy Free, Gluten Free + Paleo

Flourless dark chocolate sweet potato brownies are dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo and super fudgy. Enjoy this easy, clean eating dessert without the guilt! How many ways can I find to add veggies to a baked good? We’ve got zucchini chocolate chip muffins, dark chocolate chip sweet potato muffins, sweet potato banana bread, gluten-free chocolate chip chickpea […]

Healthy Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies | Vegan, Gluten Free + Clean Ingredients

Healthy chocolate chip chickpea cookies are gluten free, vegan and made with all clean ingredients! Enjoy these healthy chocolate chip cookies as a snack, dessert or afternoon pick-me-up. Finally, a healthy cookie recipe your kids will love! Remember in middle school when kids would say “If you love it so much then why don’t you […]

5 Ingredient Crockpot Tex Mex Chicken | Easy Meal Prep Dinner Idea

This crockpot tex mex chicken recipe is bursting with flavor and made using only five ingredients. Perfect for meal prep, office lunches, meals between classes on campus and dinner parties. Enjoy on a bowl, as a salad, for tacos or as a dip with your favorite chips! Where does all your money seem to run […]

Honey Garlic Salmon Bowls | Easy Dinner For Two

Enjoy this sweet and savory honey garlic salmon recipe that’s perfect for two! Serve over warm, fiber-filled veggies for an easy, healthy dinner that’s ready in under 15 minutes! Head over to Instagram and watch me make this recipe on my stories! Does anyone else feel super ~fAnCy~ when they eat salmon, or is that […]