Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito Bowl with Walnut Taco Meat

This 15-minute vegetarian breakfast burrito bowl is loaded with vegan taco meat made from walnuts, lentils, and mushrooms, and topped with roasted sweet potatoes, fresh avocado, and cherry tomatoes. Add cottage cheese for a protein-packed, creamy finish or swap out the cottage cheese with a dairy-free greek yogurt to make this recipe vegan. Ok, so […]

Lazy Girl Shrimp Stir-Fry For Two | Healthy 15-Minute Recipe

This healthy, 15-minute shrimp stir-fry for two is made with seven simple ingredients and loaded with flavor! Meal prep this recipe ahead of time for a delicious lunch at the office you’ll actually look forward to, or throw it together for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. 2019 was definitely the year of eating plant-based […]

Vegan Smashed Chickpea Salad Wrap | Easy Lunch Idea

This healthy vegan smashed chickpea salad wrap is loaded with fiber, protein, veggies, and flavor. This easy lunch idea is sure to keep you full and satisfied until dinner! Made with clean, simple ingredients you can feel good about. Raise your hand if you agree that lunch is the most boring meal of the day! […]

No Added Sugar Vegan Tomato Cream Sauce

This no added sugar vegan tomato cream sauce recipe is made with 7 good-for-you ingredients and ready in 15 minutes! Double this healthy, dairy-free marinara and freeze extras to have on hand for an easy weeknight pasta dinner. It’s amazing how many incredible dairy-free and vegan options there are these days. Although I don’t follow […]