Hello Spoonful - Blogger and Nutritionist Elizabeth Moye

What is Hello Spoonful?

Hello Spoonful was born from my combined passions of nutrition, cooking, wellness, and fitness.

I graduated from Samford University with a B.S. in Nutrition; however, in my final semester, I decided I was more interested in food as an art rather than a science. I decided to skip the RD route and instead pick up a JMC minor.

I now use my Nutrition degree and Communications minor to run this blog you’re reading right now!

Hello Spoonful took a slightly different direction when I opened up about the disordered eating phase I went through in college. You can read my story here.

This phase was also a reason I decided to not take the tradition nutrition route and become an R.D. I needed to heal my relationship with food before I could see myself counseling others or devoting my life to dietetics.

This leads me to the second part of my business: my nutrition coaching practice.

After healing my relationship with food, I decided to put my degree to use and begin coaching clients. I also decided to write an e-book, Redefining Wellness.

Redefining Wellness E-Book Cover by Elizabeth Moye from Hello SpoonfulRedefining Wellness E-Book Cover by Elizabeth Moye from Hello SpoonfulAbout the Redefining Wellness E-Book

Redefining Wellness is essentially a 6-month coaching package with me.

You will learn: how to build your plate so you aren’t hungry every 2 hours, the science behind controlling your blood sugar levels, the role hunger hormones play into our daily lives, why you should embrace healthy fats and some other fun things… like how to incorporate alcohol into your diet.

About One-On-One Coaching

The work I do with clients considers the whole-person and focuses on the importance of education, development of self-care skills and introspective awareness. We must understand what drives our decisions in order to change our behaviors.

Through one-on-one coaching, my clients and I focus on self-love, empowerment, body-mind-spirit and take the attention away from weight and numbers.

I believe in a traditional diet, enjoying all foods in moderation and prioritizing ingredients over the nutrition label. I don’t believe in diet trends, food trends, calorie trackers or having a “good food”, “bad food” list.

Eliminating any food or food group typically results in binging later on, heightens cravings or causes an individual to develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

Visit my nutrition coaching page here.

Hello Spoonful - Blogger and Nutritionist Elizabeth MoyeThe Purpose of Hello Spoonful

The purpose of Hello Spoonful is to inspire women to be their best selves by living a balanced life, choosing whole foods, practicing mindful living & eating intuitively.

My ultimate goal is to make healthy living approachable.

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x, elizabeth