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21 Gifts Your BFF Will Love

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This post is all about the best gifts to get your bff in 2020! Shopping for friends can be hard, so I wanted to create a list of things that I personally love and use. If I haven’t used the product myself, it was recommended by a friend who is obsessed! I hope this list of gifts for your best friend helps you find something special!


Multi Hoop Earring Pack || Chunky Medium Hoop Earring

You can’t go wrong with jewelry! Especially these dainty, and cute earrings from Madewell. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are from there, and they always last forever!

Vans Unisex Lace Up Sneakers

I’m obsessed with Vans shoes. I have a few pairs but have had my eye on these sneakers for a couple of years now. They are so comfy and I love the nuetrals! They will go with everything.

Notch Collar Pajama Set

I am in the habit of sleeping in an oversized tee, and for some reason never purchase cute PJs myself. I love it when I get them as a gift because it’s something I always forget about but love! This set is super cute and I love the pattern.

Faux-Leather Classic Sneakers

Okay, I’ve been wanting white leather sneakers all of 2020 but never found the perfect pair. These ones are SO cute and really affordable. You can’t go wrong with gifting shoes, and since white goes with everything, you know they’ll get some use out of them!

Yeti Travel Mug

I either have to have my drinks piping hot or freezing cold. There is no in-between. I love this size of travel mug because it fits the perfect amount of coffee or spindrift (my favorite drink at the moment.) It comes in a ton of colors, but I think the white is my favorite!

Capri Blue Candle

These are my favorite candles of all time. Not only do Capri Blue candles smell amazing, but they also make for the prettiest decor!

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler

If you haven’t heard, I’m OBSESSED with this thing. I share it on my stories at least once a month and even made a YouTube tutorial for how to use it. The Revlon one-step hairdryer dries your hair SO fast, leaves your hair super soft and shiny, and is the perfect blowout every single time.

Merino Beanie

Beanies are my favorite type of hat. I love it when the weather cools down and I get to start wearing them because they look cute on literally everyone! This one is the perfect size and I know your BFF will be obsessed.

Faux Fur Slippers

Slippers are SO underrated! I pretty much live in my socks around the house because my feet are always cold, but I’ve been eyeing this pair from the LOFT for a while now. They’re so cute and fluffy!

Jade Roller

I personally don’t use a Jade Roller, but I know SO many girls are obsessed with them. You can read about the benefits of jade rolling in this article. I just think this one is really pretty, plus it has great reviews!

Personalized Name Necklace

I love getting personalized gifts for my friends and family because it shows that it wasn’t a last-minute gift haha. I also personally love things with my initials, so I’m a sucker for this necklace. I also think it would be really special to get one with our baby’s name on it! If any of your friends are mamas or expecting mamas, I definitely recommend doing that!

Silk Scrunchies

There’s nothing worse than straightening your hair only to have a huge crease in it the next day haha. These silk scrunchies won’t crease your hair, plus they look cute on your wrist when you aren’t using them!

Olaplex Bundle

I’ve heard amazing things about Olaplex and have had this bundle sitting in my cart for over a month now. It’s on my own wishlist this Christmas!

Flower Print Airpod Case

How cute are these printed AirPod cases? The plain white case that AirPods comes with is a little bland. I know if I had AirPods, I’d want something to make mine stand out.

Bombas Socks

These are the best socks ever! I own some and love them! They’re super cozy and cute. I have a longer pair but love these ankle-length ones.

Dreamy Cotton Pajama Set

Like I said before, you cannot go wrong with gifting pajamas. So often we forget to buy ourselves a pair, but they’re always so worth it. This set is super popular and really cute!

Bala Bangles Weight Set

I’ve talked before about how I use walking hand-weights on occasion. I’ve had my eye on these Bala Bangles for a few months because they’re chic, cute, and can be used on your ankles OR your wrists. It’s amazing what even adding 1-2 pounds can do to increase your workouts!



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