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17 First Time Mom Tips, Tricks, and Hacks you NEED to Know

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Today we are talking all about the best baby tips, tricks and hacks I’ve learned along the way! I’m not a doctor or a profession, just a first time mom of a five month old, BUT I had to share these tips and tricks with you all because they’ve been life saving in my postpartum journey!


The first few months can be super challenging, so I hope you find these newborn hacks helpful as you enjoy your new baby. Let’s get into it!

How to remove baby poop stains naturally!

One of the coolest hacks I’ve learned as a mom is that breastfed baby poop stains come out with just water and sunshine! CRAZY. As soon as Isaiah has a blowout, I rinse his outfit in our sink with water and set it out in the sun. Once the stain is gone, I throw the clothes in the wash and clean them as I normally would. Don’t worry if you accidentally run a poop-stained onesie through the washer and dryer because this works even after they’ve been washed and dried, too!

Only clean pump parts once a day.

Pumping is a drag… But a mom hack you can do to make pumping a little less stressful is placing your pump parts in the fridge between sessions. You can leave them for 24 hours in a gallon-size zip-top bag in the fridge and just wash them at the end of the day. This is especially nice for me because I only pump once at night when Michael gives a bottle, and then sometimes I pump a little in the morning if I’m super engorged. I just put the parts in the fridge after my 7PM session and pull them back out in the morning around 6AM. Super easy! If you’re interested in learning more breastfeeding tips, I filmed this video all about everything you need to know when it comes to breastfeeding and wrote this post on the topic, too!

How to remove a clogged milk duct with a diaper.

I have had 3 clogged ducts and they are the WORST. Clogged ducts are a really painful knot in your chest from your breasts not getting fully empty. Massaging them and applying heat helps unclog them, so here’s a trick! Pour water in a diaper, microwave it for 10-30 seconds and then place it on the clogged duct. The diaper holds heat and this method is way less messy than dipping a rag in hot water. I also stand in a hot shower and use my wet hair brush to help release the clog. Just make sure you’re brushing from the top of the boob towards the nipple.

Size up in diapers at night!

Isaiah gives us 8-12 hours stretches and they don’t make overnight diapers in size 2, so we have been using these in a size 3 before bedtime. Sizing up in diapers will help avoid leaking and you will need that size eventually so even if they don’t use them all, you will at some point! If your baby does seem to be leaking in their diaper overnight, you can also add a sposie pad to their diaper for extra absorption.

The heating pad trick for after bath time.

There’s nothing worse than a screaming baby after what was supposed to be a soothing bath time. Isaiah starts to scream as soon as we take him out of his tub, but I can’t really blame him for getting mad because I don’t like entering the cold air after getting out of a warm bath, either. Use a heating pad to warm up your baby’s towel, crib, bassinet, or changing table to make the transition from bathtime to bedtime a more seamless one.

Don’t buy everything, but buy 2 (or more!) of everything you love.

When you find a swaddle, paci, burp cloths, or crib sheets that you and baby love.. Buy A LOT of them. If they poop in the middle of the night you want to make sure you have backup, or if you are traveling it’s nice to have multiples in case things get left. You can also leave some of his favorite things at your in-laws or nanny’s so you aren’t having to pack everything up each time you visit. We do this with his crib sheets and favorite sleep sack.

How to find the right bottle and pacifier for your baby.

Isaiah only will take one type of Paci and it’s the ultralight tommee tippee. We first bought the combo pack from tommee tippee and I’m so glad we did because it’s the ONLY one he will take. Brands also sometimes sell assortment bottle combo packs and I definitely recommend purchasing that to figure out which bottle your baby will take before you go through a million brands and are stuck with tons of useless bottles.

How to easily get your baby to burp every time.

I watched a video on YouTube that showed me this baby burping trick and it’s amazing! You hold him straight up, using one hand to support his neck and put pressure on his chest. Use the other hand to straighten his spine as much as possible and put pressure on his back. I keep him in that position for 20-30 seconds and he always lets out a burp! I like this because when I’m patting his back I feel like I’m swishing around all the milk in his tummy and he tends to spit up more that way.

Gassy baby? Forget bicycles legs and do this instead!

Instead of doing bicycles to get gas out, just push their legs completely back towards their face. Isaiah has been conditioned at this point to know when I do that to push. His face will get all red and he always lets out a big ole fart or poops. It works so much better than doing bicycles.

Take the onesie off from top down (especially when they have a blowout!)

Did you know you can take off onesies from the top down instead of over their head!? They are designed for this purpose which I just learned a month ago! I only do this when he has a blowout.. Which truthfully is after every feeding. You can also put their onesie on feet first to avoid annoying them with pulling it over their face.

Invest in a nighlight for night time feeds.

Get a nightlight (or the hatch sound machine) to make night feedings super calm and easy. You want to keep your baby as sleepy as possible during night feedings so therefore you want to keep the room as dark as possible. I turn my hatch machine to 20% brightness, nurse him for 10 mins, then put him back in his crib and hes out by the time I get back in bed.

Buy unscented, organic laundry detegent instead of baby detergent to save time.

A special baby laundry detergent is unnecessary. Get yourself unscented detergent and use it for the whole family’s laundry. We use a brand from Cotsco or this one.

You can never buy too many white noise machines.

White noise will become your BFF. We have a portable noise machine and the hatch rest plus that stays in his room. This has done wonders and it also is a way we cue him that its nap time or bed time. If I want him to wake up from a nap then I just turn the white noise off and it usually gets him to shuffle around a bit until he wakes himself up. He LOVES it.

Track feedings, wake windows, and naps with an app. It’s free!

I use baby tracker to time our nursing sessions, remember when he last ate, and remind myself which side I started on. It’s also helpful because I usually nurse him when he wakes up from his naps and this way I can see how long it’s been since his last nap. His wake windows are roughly 2 hours at this point. It’s SO important to keep an eye on wake windows so you don’t have an overtired baby that is fighting their nap. Doesn’t matter how you choose to track these three things, just make sure you do!

Start a bedtime routine ASAP.

It’s never too early for a bedtime routine. I think we started Isaiahs bedtime routine at a few weeks old. Bath time was something special for he and Michael to bond over, and it cues Isaiah that this is bedtime and not naptime. It’s the only way to really differentiate his naps from bedtime. (That and we sometimes give a bottle instead of me nursing.) We use this bath tub and these bottles at bedtime.

Routines and schedules are good for baby, mom, and everyone involved.

Routines are good for babies!!! And for mom. And everyone. I recently started taking Isaiah to a nanny and it was so helpful to have a rough schedule/routine to tell her. She is able to pick up on his cues more easily because of it. She’s not stuck wondering why he’s fussy, but instead can get an idea based on the routine he follows.

Fussy baby? Go outside!

If you want to calm your baby… Head outside. The fresh air is sometimes all they need. Isaiah gets super fussy towards the end of the day, but taking him outside always helps for at least 30 minutes! We take him in his stroller, carrier (we love this one because it’s hip friendly!), or lay out a blanket on the grass.

Any mom hacks I forgot? LMK in the comments and pin this recipe to share with othe mamas or mamas to be!

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