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12 Incredible Gifts for Dad 2020

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This post is all about the best gifts for dad in 2020. I hope you enjoy this holiday gift guide filled with 12 incredible gift ideas for dad!

Why are dads SO dang hard to shop for!? I always struggle harder to find a gift for my dad than I do with anyone else. Here is a list of Christmas gifts I’ve either purchased for my dad in the past and he has loved, or ones that are on his wish list this year!

Men’s Golf Shirt

Can dad’s really ever have TOO many golf shirts? I’m pretty sure the limit does not exist haha. My dad has tons of these golf shirts and rotates them constantly. This brand is really high quality and not crazy expensive like some other ones I’ve seen.

Men’s Golf Jacket

Michael and I got my dad this golf jacket for his birthday this year and he loves it! It’s an amazon find which was amazing. It was also on sale when we got it, and I’m pretty sure it’s on sale again for the holidays. This golf jacket comes in tons of colors and sizes. We went with the navy, but I also love the burgundy!

Shoe Dog

Shoe Dog is Michael’s favorite book which is why I added it to the list. If your dad is a sports fan, I’m almost certain he will love this book as well. It’s about the creator of Nike, and has amazin reviews across the board.

Mug & Warmer Set

My dad loves to read the paper and drink his coffee in our living room, but getting up and down to microwave it is the WORST. This mug and warmer set can sit beside your dad in his office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere! This mug and warmer set will keep his tea or coffee hot without interrupting his work-flow or whatever he’s doing.

Belwares French Press

Is your dad a coffee lover!? This Belwares French Press is sleek and affordable. I love the chic black matte style. This is the type of french press you can actually leave out on your counter and not have to hide after every use.

Nespresso Espresso Maker

If your dad is a little more of a boujee coffee fan, add this Nespresso Espresso Maker to his holiday list! I’ve contemplated buying one of these for myself because the espresso is seriously unmatched! This espresso maker makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. It’s so smooth and creamy. Your dad will love it!

Cuisinart 13-Piece Wooden Grilling Set

I recently got this Weber Grill from Home Depot and am obsessed. I purchased this 13 Piece Wooden Grilling Set for myself and love it!! If your dad is a grill-master (or thinks he is) he will love it as well!

Hey Dude Shoes

My dad, father-in-law, AND Michael all have a pair of these Hey Dudes and are all equally OBSESSED. They have tons of colors, patterns, and fabrics so you’re guaranteed to find a pair the man in your life will love! They also have some for women, and I have these white ones on my wish list for 2020!

Ugg Slippers

You can’t go wrong with gifting your boyfriend, dad, or husband a pair of nice slippers. I know my dad lives in his slippers, and he is always needing a new pair. These ones come in multiple colors and are so darn soft!

Yeti Travel Mug

You can never go wrong with an insulated mug, and Yeti by FAR has the best. They keep your drinks super hot or super cold for hours. Because no one wants luke-warm coffee.

Super-Thin Wallet

Is it just me or does every man’s wallet seem to be completely worn out before they bother to consider buying a new one?? This super-thin wallet is great for your dad because it’s super sleek and minimalist, plus the leather is stunning!
Why do men carry around those huge, bulky wallets?? I’m not sure what they’re storing in there, but this personalized cardholder is a game changer! I have a cardholder and prefer it over most of my wallets and even purses! This card holder is especially great for going into a sports game when you don’t want to be holding onto much at all.
Michael and I got a google home mini last year and I was skeptical at first, but now I don’t how I’d live without it! Your dad can ask the google home mini for weather updates, news updates, set reminders, and more. We love ours and I especially love the small size. My dad also has one and loves it!


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