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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag 2021

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This post is all about what to pack in your hospital bag for labor in 2021! These are the essentials I’m packing in my hospital bag for delivery. I hope you find this checklist helpful!


Being a first-time mom, I had NO idea what to pack in my hospital bag for little Isaiah’s delivery. I watched countless youtube videos on the subject and read tons of blogs in order to make this list.

I’m really trying to not overpack, so these are the hospital bag essentials I will be taking with me. The hospital apparently provides you with A LOT, so you don’t need much!

What’s In My Hospital Bag for Labor:

Dark, Comfy T-Shirts

I plan on packing 2-3 large, dark, comfy shirts. From what I hear, postpartum is a messy time all over. Between milk, tears, spit up and blood… I see myself going through tops like crazy.

Nursing Friendly PJ Gown

I know the hospital provides a gown, and who knows if I’ll have the energy to change out of the one they give me, but I wanted to pack one of my own. I found this cute and simple nursing friendly gown on amazon. It comes in tons of colors, but I thought the dark navy would be best for hiding all the fluids I’m expecting to leak out of my boobs haha.

Non-Slip Socks

Some hospitals provide these, but again, I just wanted to bring my own non-slip socks. I heard the night sweats can get ROUGH after giving birth, so having a few pairs (when I sweat through theirs) on hand can’t hurt! I also liked that these were a fun pink and purple. You can also order them in black or gray. 🙂


These are my favorite slippers! I got them as a Christmas gift from Michael and I wear them around the house all day long. Hospitals tend to be really cold, and I HATE being cold, so these are a must! Especially when my upper body will probably be exposed 90% of the time for breastfeeding or skin to skin with Isaiah 🙂

XL Water Bottle (Leak Proof)

This water bottle is MASSIVE!! I debated returning it, but I actually think I’m going to keep it after all the DMs I received about how thirsty you are while breastfeeding! I’ve also heard mixed messages about how hospitals are going about filling water for their patients during this weird time. Having one with a SECURED top to keep in bed with me was necessary! This gallon-sized water bottle should last me a while! Haha.

Sound Machine

I’ve heard the hospital can be REALLY noisy, so this is a must-have! This is the one on my registry, along with the hatch, but we will probably take this portable one instead!


Hospital food has never been one to rave about, so you bet I’m going to be packing allll the snacks! I plan on packing RX bars, Pretzels, cashews, dried fruit, apples, and Lesser Evil paleo puffs. I’m not sure if you can pack peanut butter, but if you can I will 100% be throwing in a jar of my favorite peanut butter from Trader Joe’s or Kroger.

Portable Phone Charger

I was told to pack an extra long phone charger, but I felt like a portable charger would be even better since I wasn’t sure what would be long enough! I liked that this was a two-pack so Michael and I could both have one. I’m sure Michael will be updating our friends and family, but if my labor lasts forever, I know I’ll want my phone charged and with me!

Vlogging Camera

This is not necessary for everyone! Our phones do such an incredible job of capturing photos and videos, but I haven’t decided if I want to vlog the birth or not, so it’s in my bag just in case! Just part of the job 😉

Flip Flops

I’ve heard a lot of moms say they were DYING to shower at the hospital, so I wanted to make sure I had some flip flops for when the time comes to shower! I always get super cheap flip flops from Old Navy. They get the job done, and if you leave them anywhere (the beach, pool, hospital, etc) it’s no biggie!

Letter Board For Pictures

This is not a necessity, but something I want to have on hand for photos when little Zay enters the world! I’ve been using it for progress pics, so we already have one, but you can find them on Amazon for really cheap! I’ll also be using this sign for his milestone photos, so It’s worth it to me!

Nursing Bra

This one got great reviews on Amazon and wasn’t super pricey, so I plan on taking it with me for night feedings or daytime feedings when I don’t want to be exposed.

Pillows & Blankets From Home for Mom AND Dad

Being comfortable is my number one priority during all of this, so taking my own pillows and blankets is a MUST. There’s also just something comforting about having your own blankets and pillows. I always sleep better when I have my own items. Michael will also need them for sleeping over. Not that either of us will get much sleep in, but still, haha 🙂

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

This pillow is on my registry and I’ve heard amazing things about it. While I’m navigating the tough world of nursing, I know I’ll want to have my nursing pillow with me to be as comfortable as possible.

Car Seat

This kind of goes without saying, but I wanted to include it anyway because, after all, it IS a necessity haha. We went with the Mesa because we’re getting the Uppababy. I’ve heard incredible things about this car seat and stroller.

Beauty Bag + Essentials

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Face Lotion, Face Wash, Hair ties, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and lip balm. I don’t see myself wanting to apply much (if any) make-up, but I DEFINITELY see myself wanting to clean up and feel refreshed with these items. I will throw in mascara, tula face filter, and eyebrow cream… Just so I don’t look like complete death when we take our first family photos! Haha.

Baby Photo Outfit

This is optional, but I wanted to bring a couple of cute outfits to have for him to take his cute little announcement photos!! I mean, his newborn clothes take up like NO space in my bag, so why not? Haha.

Diaper Bag

We will be bringing Isaiah’s diaper bag along with us to take home all the goodies the hospital provides!


I hope you found this blog for what to pack in your hospital bag helpful! If I’m forgetting anything PLEASE let me know in the comments or shoot me a DM on Instagram!


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