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Baby Diaper Bag Checklist: Essentials to pack in your diaper bag!

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Wondering what you should pack in your diaper bag when you have a baby? This diaper bag checklist is broken down into what to pack in your diaper bag for your newborn and your infant!

When Isaiah was a newborn, his diaper bag contained slightly less than it does now. The essentials have remained the same, but now that he is teething, eating solids, and much more active, his diaper bag contains even more things!

Who knew such a tiny person would require so many things just to get out the door!?

I hope you find this list helpful!

What to pack in a newborn baby diaper bag:

The first outing with your newborn baby requires more supplies than you might think! I always underestimate how much time it will take to get out the door, so having these items already packed and ready to go has been super helpful. There’s nothing worse than having an unhappy baby while running errands and realizing you forgot what they need to cheer up at home!

Consider packing:

Diapers + Sposie pad

I keep overnight diapers, regular diapers, and an emergency sposie pad in his diaper bag at all times. You just never know what could happen!

Diaper Cream

We really like this brand of diaper cream and tend to use it after every change regardless of whether he has a rash or not. I like to be very preventative and proactive because I hate seeing him uncomfortable!

Empty plastic bag for dirty clothes/blowouts

Babies poop… a LOT. Isaiah was having blowouts constantly as a newborn, so having a plastic bag in his diaper bag was a top priority for us!

Hand sanitizer

I always have this hand sanitizing spray in his bag for myself and also to spray anything he might touch (like the swings at the park, the grocery cart, etc.)

baby Wipes + Wet One’s Wipes (for sanitizing)

Baby wipes don’t contain much besides water, so having sanitizing wipes is great for wiping down their changing pad, toys, the grocery cart, and more.

Changing pad

I love how easy this one is easy to wipe down.


These are Isaiah’s favorite pacis and the only ones he will take! Not sure what your baby will like? Try this combo pack. It’s how we figured out the paci he would take.


He is now in this sleep sack, but these were his favorite velcro swaddles!

Bandana Bibs

I’m obsessed with bandana bibs for babies! They look adorable and are also functional.. a win-win!

portable white noise

If there’s one thing I panic about forgetting in my diaper bag, it’s this portable white noise machine. It is a game-changer!! It puts him to sleep in the car, stroller, wherever!

Nursing pads (if nursing)

I talk all about my breastfeeding must-haves in another post, but these are by far my favorite nursing pads. I always keep some handy in his diaper bag for on-the-go nursing.

Bottles, formula, and water (if formula fed)

We don’t do many bottles since Isaiah is breastfeeding, but these are his favorite ones! I love them becuase they are SO easy to clean!

Burp cloths

Isaiah has reflux so the spit-up is often and heavy! I always pack burp cloths in his diaper bag. These are our favorite ones because of the shape, size, and they’re so soft!


I love velcro socks and snap on bootie socks because he can’t pull them off!

2 Extra sets of clothes

A minimum 2 extra sets of clothes are needed in his diaper bag since he spits up like crazy!


I’ve had to use his thermometer more than I’d hoped by 8 months, so I always keep it handy!

What to pack in your diaper bag for an infant!

As your baby grows, they will start needing more items on the go. Infants won’t need a swaddle blanket, but they will need the majority of the newborn items listed above… and then some! They are now eating solids, wanting to play with toys or books, and more demanding in general. 😉

You’ll want to add:

Snacks/Food pack

We are obsessed with this brand for food packs! They have only real ingredients, no salt, no sugar, and no preservatives. Isaiah has loved every single combination he’s tried!


Now that Isaiah is 8 months old, he is super alert and can get bored if not entertained by a toy or book. I always make sure to have several toys on hand to give him on car rides or while running errands.


Keep in mind, Motrin is not approved until 6+ months old, but Tylenol is allowed before 6 months. As always, talk to your doctor when it comes to anything medical-related.


This is specific to Isaiah, but he has very bad reflux and takes Pepcid twice a day. Make sure you pack any special medications your baby needs.


Isaiah has pretty bad eczema so I always like to have lotion handy! We love combining this Cerave cream (NOT lotion!), this eczema lotion, and Aquaphor to keep him comfortable! It’s worked wonders for his skin recovery!


Babies tend to start teething around 6 months old, so having teething toys is crucial! Isaiah is generally a very happy baby, but once his teeth started popping through, it was a different story! We like these teethers and keep them in his diaper bag.

Silicone bib

These silicone roll up bibs are super easy to clean and pack. I love the pocket!


These are Isaiah’s favorite spoons. He loves to self-feed with them and they hold purees really well. 🙂

Extras to consider packing in your diaper bag!


Can’t be worn until 6+ months old.

Hat + mittens

Bucket hat if sunny, winter hat if cold.

Car seat/Stroller cover

I have this one that also doubles as a nursing cover and I love it!

What mom’s need in their diaper bag!

Snack for mom
Nursing cover

What’s the best diaper bag to get?

The best diaper bag is of course based on preference, but I LOVE having a diaper bag backpack. A backpack-style diaper bag is a convenient way to pack everything up, then grab it and go. The best part? You’re hands-free to hold your baby or their car seat.

I got this one at my baby shower and it was on my list of pediatric nurse-approved newborn must-haves!

I hope you found this blog post all about what to pack in your diaper bag helpful! Be sure to check out what I packed in my hospital bag as well!


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