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Must Have Baby Registry Items 2021 (Pediatric Nurse Approved!)

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This post is all about the best baby registry items in 2021 that you must have! All of these newborn essentials have been pediatric nurse approved, and are safe products for your baby. I hope this list helps you navigate shopping for your future little one!

It’s crazy to think Isaiah will be here in 3 months! Just the THOUGHT of a baby registry was giving me anxiety, but we’ve been getting friends and family asking if we started one so I figured it was time.

Thankfully, one of my good friends is a pediatric nurse and sent me an AMAZING excel doc with all of her top baby registry products (pediatric nurse approved)!  This excel doc has been passed around between my friend and her nurse friends, so I 100% trust every item on this baby registry is a must-have for 2021!

I have divided this baby registry into sections including nursery, bedding, feeding, transportation, health and safety, diapering, bath, clothing/accessories, and toys. A postpartum list is coming soon as well!

If you’d like to read about my first-trimester recap, find it here! If you’d like to know my 15 pregnancy essentials, you can find that here! I am also sharing my pregnancy over on YouTube.

Keep reading for my baby registry master list!

Must have nursery items for your baby registry 2021

Crib | We are getting ours from IKEA because it’s cute, inexpensive, and has the ability to transform into a toddler bed. This is the one I’m looking at.

Crib Mattress | Moonlight Dream was recommended by a pediatric registered nurse who TIRELESSLY researched this. Newton is becoming more popular as well but is pricey!

Changing Table or Dresser | We are going to get a large dresser and place a changing table on top to save space. I am probably going to order this one or this one in grey or white and then purchase different handles to make it my own!

Changing Table Topper | You can snag a cheap one from amazon and get a cute cover from Little Unicorn. If you’re wanting to splurge, the keekaroo peanut changer is wipeable but pricey!

Rocker or Glider | This one from Best Home Furnishings Storytime collection brand was recommended to us, but if you go to a smaller boutique you can pick your fabric!

Blackout Curtains | These necessary for naps during the day once the baby is sleeping/napping in their own room. You can find blackoout curtains for your nursery in just about any home store!

Bassinet | Baby Bjorn and the Halo glide sleeper were the two most recommended to us! Baby Bjorn is smaller and more aesthetically pleasing ๐Ÿ™‚ If a pack and play will fit in your bedroom this also works in the beginning. Uppababy vista bassinet is also an approved sleep surface and they sell stands for it as well!

Bassinet Sheets | You will want 2-3 bassinet sheets

Hangers | Get more than you think you’ll need!

Toy Baskets | To keep baby’s room clean and organized.

Hamper | For baby’s dirty clothes.

Monitor | I recommend the Infant Optics DXR-8. It has a clear picture and doesn’t use wifi so NO HACKERS!

Must have bedding and sleep items for your baby registry 2021

Crib Sheets | You will want 3 sets. I added these solly crib sheets to my registry because they’re supposed to be the softest!

Crib Mattress Protector | Snag this one on Amazon for just $20

Swaddle Sleepers | The Ollie Swaddle is the top-recommended swaddle sleeper, and HaloSummer Infant swaddle is a close second! These both have velcro. Some other options are Miracle Blanket and Wombie Swaddling Blanket. Skip any with a snap! Make sure they are velcro closure or else they won’t be tight enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

Swaddle Blankets | Solly is the softest and stretchiest swaddle blanket. Little Unicorn has fun prints, and Aiden & Anais best Muslin blankets are also great!

Sleep Sacks | KYTE BABY  and Halo SleepSack were the most recommended! This is used after they drop the swaddle.

Zipper Sleepers | Carters & cloud island at target have cute, affordable sleepers!  Just be sure they zip from top vs snap.

Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit | Your baby will use a sleepsuit when they drop the swaddle but still need help with startle reflex.

Must have breastfeeding items for your baby registry 2021

Breast Pump | You should be able to get one for free through insurance! Spectra or Medela are the best.  Elvie or Willow are hands-free options, but not meant to replace a main pump.

Manual Breast Pump | This is nice when you need a no power and smaller option. A manual pump is great for pumping a small amount off if you get engorged.

Silicone Breast Pump | You will want 2 silicone breast pumps. It’s nice to have a clean one available or to use two at once. The most recommended to me was the Haaka one. The Bumblebee silicone pump is also good! These are used often after your milk comes in at about 6 weeks.

Bottles | I’d get a sample pack and see what your baby likes. MAM is recommended by lactation consultants. Dr. Browns is known to be good for reflux but has a lot of parts. Comotomo is easier to clean.

Bottle Drying Rack | I’ve been told the lawn drying racks are best!

Bottle Cleaner Brush | This is a brush dedicated just to bottle cleaning (so you aren’t using your dish’s brush on your bottles)!

Bottle Sterilizer | Dr. Browns brand – Not a necessity, but you can quickly get sick of boiling water and don’t always want to wait for a dishwasher cycle either. A bottle sterilizer is used more in the first 6 months than the last 6 months.

Nursing Cover | I found this multi-use one from Boppy. It can be used as a car seat canopy, nursing scarf, shopping cart cover, or on your high chair.

Nursing Pillow | A nursing pillow will help with proper positioning while breastfeeding. I’ve heard mixed things about the Boppy but was recommended My Brest Friend by someone I trust. It’s definitely not as cute, but sometimes you have to go with what works!

Nursing Pillow Cover | Grab a waterproof nursing pillow cover that goes under the cute cover.

Nursing Cream | Use this Earth Mama Nipple Butter after every feeding even if you don’t think you need to. 

Bibs | Copper and Pearl Bandana bibs are more absorbant and cuter!

Burp Cloths | Get A LOT! Adan & Anais burpy bibs are kinda pricey but definitely worth it. Super absorbent and “bean” shaped so they don’t fall off your shoulder!

Must have transportation items for your baby registry 2021

Stroller | There are SO many options when it comes to strollers. You just want to make sure your car seat and stroller are compatible! Uppababy Vista is a splurge but “SO WORTH IT” according to my mama friends! The Uppababy vista can fit up to 3 kids. Other recs I got were the city mini baby jogger, Nuna Mixx, and BOB.

Travel Stroller | The Vista is large and in charge so sometimes people want a smaller option, specifically for flying.  The Uppababy G-Luxe and Yoyo Babyzen are popular options. Cheaper options for travel strollers are Summer Infant 3D Lite and Zoe.

Travel Bags | For stroller/car seat. Travel bags are only necessary if you fly regularly. Uppababy has ones made for their products and if anything is damaged while in the bag they will replace the item.

Infant Carseat | We are leaning towards the Uppababy Vista, so we will be getting the Mesa Carseat to go with it!

Infant Carseat Base for Spouse’s Car | Only necessary if you use both cars often!

Baby Carrier | I’ve heard great things about the BabyBjorn and solly wrap.

Diaper Bag & Diaper Bag for Husband | My friend recommended having a bag in each car as a pro-tip!

Breast Pump Car Charger | Depends on which pump you get, but make sure you have one to travel with!

Dual Facing Mirror | For your backseat headrest.

Must have health and safety items for your baby registry 2021

White Noise Machine | This white noise machine was recommended because it’s the safest. It Produces ten different electric fan and white noise sounds to create a more relaxing environment.

Baby First Aid Kit | This Grooming kit is essential for your baby and provides all the items needed from infant to toddler.

Humidifier | This acts as a humidifier, diffuser & night light all in one!

Nasal Bulb Syringe | This is needed for when baby has a stuffy nose!

Rectal Thermometer | In case your little one gets sick!

Must have diapering items for your baby registry 2021

Diaper Pail | You don’t have to use special bags for this diaper pail which is a bonus!

Wipe Container | This dispenser keeps your wipes fresh and within reach for when you need them! It allows you to buy wipes in bulk 

Diapers | I think we will end up trying a few different diapers to see what works best for our baby, but to start weโ€™re going with the Pampers Swaddlers! Make sure you register for assorted sizes since they grow so quickly. I’ve also heard to avoid the sensitive ones and Honest Company because they leak more.

Diaper Caddy | This is supposedly a MUST HAVE.

Diaper Cream | Earth Mama diaper balm is great for everyday use on baby! If your little guy has a bad rash, try Desitin.

Must have baby bath items for your baby registry 2021

Infant Tub | Great tub for newborns and infants that’s also very affordable!

Washcloths | These washcloths are soft and gentle on the baby during bath time.

Towels | There are tons of options but I can’t I had to add these cute hooded towels to our registry. Seriously nothing more adorable than a baby in a hooded towel!

Shampoo & Body Wash | Dove Baby Shampoo, Happy Cappy for cradle cap, Honest Co. & aveeno are popular but Dove is better for eczema.

Nail Clippers | I’ve heard this brand is so much easier to use and not cut them. They work amazing!

Hair Brush | A soft-bristled brush is great for cradle cap!

Must have toy items for your baby registry 2021

Portable Play Yard | This is similar to Graco Pack n Play but has backpack straps on the carrying case and is great for travel! Don’t forget to grab some play yard sheets while you’re at it!

Swing | If you can, try to borrow one from a friend before purchasing to see if your baby likes it! They can get particular about which swing is best for them.

Bouncer | I’ve heard nothing but great things about this bouncer!

Snuggle Me Organic | I will say, this product made my friend who is a pediatric nurse nervous, but I am adding one to my registry based on my own research. ๐Ÿ™‚

Play Mat | Perfect for keeping your baby active and stimulated while mama works or takes a breather. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope this 2021 baby registry must-haves list helps you feel more prepared as you welcome your little one into the world! Are there any baby items or newborn essentials that I missed? Would love to know in the comments below!

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