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Newborn Must Haves 2021

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This blog post is all about the newborn must haves for 2021! These are products I use for my newborn every single day! If I don’t use it literally EVERY day, it’s not on this list! Keep reading for my list of “nice to haves” as well!

If video is more your thing, head over to my YouTube channel and watch the video where I discuss all these products in detail!

Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Swing

This first must have on my list is this fisher price swing. This swing is without a doubt my TOP product recommendation. It keeps Isaiah content for hours without me having to hold and rock him. He sleeps SO well in here, too. We had a mamaroo and Isaiah would scream bloody murder when we put him in it, but with this swing he has taken a three hour nap! 

Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine

A sound machine is a MUST for your newborn, but I specifically recommend the Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine. Michael and I both agree it’s been a game changer for night feedings! It has a night light on it so when I go in for night feedings I can keep it pretty dark without fully waking him up. This allows me to put him down super easily when he’s done eating. The Hatch connects to your phone through an app so you can control the sound level, brightness level, talk to your baby, listen into his/her room, and more. There’s a bunch of features and we’re obsessed.

Portable Sound Machine

This portable white noise machine has also been a game-changer for us. Babies LOVE white noise because it reminds them of being in their mom’s belly and hearing the blood rush through the placenta. Silence actually freaks them out, so we take this with us everywhere! I pop it in his swing, car seat, stroller, take it with us to friends’ homes, etc. It’s also on my list of must-haves for what to pack in your hospital bag! We used it at the hospital and it helped him sleep super well.

Mylicon Gas Drops

These Mylicon gas drops were recommended to me by my friend Lauren who is a pediatric nurse with a one-year-old (She’s the one that pretty much wrote this whole list of Baby Registry Must-Haves) and they have been a LIFE saver. Babies have underdeveloped digestive systems so they get VERY gassy. These drops have helped relieve a lot of his gas pain and we are so thankful! We were using gripe water, but these drops are 10x better in my opinion.

Comotomo Bottles

Comotomo bottles were the first bottles we tried with Isaiah and he immediately took to them! I know it can be a lot of trial and error when introducing a bottle (especially if you breastfeed) so I definitely recommend giving these a try since he likes them so much! Just make sure you get the right nipple size for when they are a newborn vs when they’re over 3 months old. 🙂

Solly Baby Wrap

Baby wearing is super helpful when you have a newborn that wants to be held constantly. It’s impossible to get things done around the house some days when all they want is to be close to mom or dad, so the Solly Baby Wrap is a must have for your newborn. It’s super soft and easy to wear. It’s not bulky like some other baby carriers which is also why I love it. We have this Ergo Baby Carrier as well, but I plan on using that when he’s a bit bigger and we want to take him hiking or on trips, etc.

Halo Velcro Swaddles

These Halo Swaddles are definitely my favorite swaddle we have tried so far! I love that they velcro. It’s super convenient to be able to velcro your swaddle as opposed to learning how to do some fancy wrap to keep them snug. Isaiah tries SO hard to break out of his swaddles (sometimes he does it successfully), but with the Halo Swaddles, it RARELY happens anymore. These are for sure a must-have for your newborn!

Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs

If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen Isaiah in these copper pearl bandana bibs. He is almost always wearing one! We have about 12 of them and I’m not sure what I’d do without them. They are super soft, large, and so convenient for spit-up. He spits up quite a bit and these copper pearl bibs do a great job of absorbing it. Plus, they’re cute!

Frida Baby Snot Sucker

We don’t use this snot sucker EVERY day, because we really don’t need to. But when Isaiah has boogies it is our favorite tool to use to get them out. Babies’ nostrils are so tiny- it’s nearly impossible to get their boogies out without using a tool like this.

Frida Baby Windi

Okay this one is a little odd, but it’s on my must have list because it works INSTANTLY. If you have a gassy baby and you can see how much pain they are in, it’s the worst feeling. These Frida baby windi‘s get inserted up their bum and within seconds you hear it whistle and gas comes out. We don’t use it every day, but we for sure use it weekly. Or anytime he has gas that needs to go immediately.

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment + Hair and Body Wash

We have only used Tubby Todd products on Isaiah so far when it comes to bath time and we LOVE them! He hasn’t had any reactions to these products which is awesome. They use only clean ingredients and are great for babies with sensitive skin. Isaiah gets a bath every night, but we only use soap every other bath to be extra safe 🙂 We use the Tubby Todd shampoo and wash for his bath and lather him up with the Tubby Todd all-over ointment when he’s finished. 🙂

No WiFi Monitor

I’ve mentioned this a million times, but it’s SO important to get a monitor without wifi so there are no hackers! This is the one we have, and we haven’t had any issues with it. I’m not saying you have to get this exact one, but a no-wifi monitor is absolutely a newborn essential!

Halo Bassinet

I can’t speak to any other bassinets, but we love our Halo Bassinet! We got the basic swivel sleeper and it’s been great. It’s extremely sturdy, great to keep at your bedside because it swivels super easily and the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to care for baby from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section mamas! It’s best for night time feeds as you can simply pull the bassinet close to you and lift the baby. This is a must have item for new parents!

Ubbi Diaper Pail

I love that you can use regular trash bags with Ubbi – no “special” liners to buy (saves you money) and insert and removal is very easy. No fumbling around with special knots to tie, scissors, etc. just put a regular trash bag in and you’re done. The Ubbi diaper pail also completely locks in the odor and has a simple yet sleek design.

Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

Being a first time mom, I don’t have another stroller to compare the Uppababy to; however, I am in LOVE with this stroller! Isaiah and I take walks every day (weather permitting) and it rides incredibly smooth, has a huge basket at the bottom to carry everything we need and more, is lightweight enough to push up big hills without noticing any extra weight and is super durable! It comes with a bassinet as well and the bassinet, seat and a car seat just clicks into place with ease. It’s super easy to take them off and put back on. We also won’t have to worry about getting another stroller if Michael and I decided to have another kid because the Vista V2 transforms into a two kid stroller.

Mesa Car Seat

The Mesa car seat was by far the top-recommended car seat to me and for good reason. It is safe, easy to clean/machine wash, Isaiah is super comfy in it, easy to click and connect with his stroller (we have the Uppababy vista v2), is beautifully designed, and we also had no problems installing this car seat into my car which is a huge bonus!

Boppy 4 & More

I have the boppy 4 & more in black and in grey. I can’t recommend this product enough. It’s extremely versatile, but my favorite way to use it so far is as a car seat cover when we are out walking or taking car rides. The mesh fabric is very breathable but also blocks all the light so he can pass out in his stroller while we’re walking. I also love the pocket that I can put my phone or keys in for quick access while pushing the stroller.

Large Bean-Shaped Burp Cloths

I had these burp cloths on my baby registry must haves list and I’m SO glad I did! These are the only burp cloths we use. They’re very large, absorbent, and the best style for hanging over your shoulder without falling down.

Philips Avent Soothies Pacifier

If you’re going to introduce a pacifier to your baby, this is the one we use and love! The Philips Avent Soothies have been Isaiah’s favorite and I’m SO thankful he will take one now. I’m sure Michael would say the same thing because it (usually) gets Isaiah quiet in minutes while we rock him. We tried a few other brands with no success, but these ones are awesome. I have also read that giving your baby a pacifier while falling asleep can help reduce SIDS. We also got a cute little giraffe to attach to it which isn’t necessary, but cute. 🙂

Black Out Curtains

Black-out curtains are a must-have for your nursery if you don’t already have some! Isaiah prefers it to be completely dark to sleep in his room, and I can’t say I blame him because I’m the same way. Most babies will sleep better when it’s pitch black because it reminds them of being in the womb– so these blackout curtains are a must have.

Newborn Nice To Haves List

Babybjorn Bouncer

I put this on my nice to haves list instead of must-haves simply because I don’t use it every day. This might change when I’m able to travel more with Isaiah because it’s portable, unlike his Fisher Price Swing that he loves so much! If your baby prefers a quick, bouncing motion, then I highly recommend looking into a Babybjorn bouncer to soothe them. My one qualm with This bouncer is that it isn’t motorized and relies on the baby’s movements (or your movement with your feet) to move the bouncer. On the flip side, it’s nice to have something that’s not battery powered and you know you can take it anywhere! It has different height/angle settings for different stages and needs, and is the only one I found that is appropriate for a newborn without full head control.

Snuggle Me Organic

The snuggle me organic is essentially a pillow that hugs your baby. It’s technically not sleep-safe-certified which is why it’s on my nice to haves list as opposed to my newborn must-have list. I have found the sides aren’t tall enough to obstruct Isaiah’s mouth and he can easily move his head around, so I feel confident when he’s in it! I only ever use it while I’m monitoring him, but he loves to feel super snug in it and takes great naps in his snuggle me! It also fits PERFECTLY in his halo bassinet which is a plus!!


I hope you found this list of newborn must-haves helpful! These products have definitely helped us survive these first five weeks with Isaiah and I can’t recommend them enough!

What’s your number one product recommendation for a newborn? Anything I’m missing? Comment below!

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