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Blogging as a Business: 5 Ways to Monetize a Blog

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Wondering how to make money blogging? Curious if you can make a full-time income blogging? Practice these 5 ways to monetize your blog in 2020 and find out for yourself!

How To Make Money Blogging

Welcome back to part three of Blogging as a Business! If you are new here, we talked about How To Become A Blogger in 9 Steps in part one, How to Grow Your Blog Traffic in part two, and now we are talking monetization.

I get asked daily “How do you make money blogging?” or some variation of this question. 

This question doesn’t just come from prospective bloggers, but from family members, strangers, friends, and pretty much anyone I tell my profession to. Honestly, there are a lot of times I don’t want to bother explaining my job so I say “I’m a nutritionist.” The questions that come after that are much less daunting.

If you’re wondering “How do bloggers make money?”, “Can I make a full-time salary blogging?” or you’re just downright curious how it all works, this post is for you!

Practice these 5 ways to monetize your blog in 2020 and find out if blogging is a feasible career path for you!

How to Monetize Your Blog Through Sponsored Posts

This is probably the first form of monetization most people think of when they think of bloggers because it’s the most obvious. You can tell if a post is sponsored because it will (or it should!) have a disclaimer in the first paragraph of the blog post. This is due to FTC guidelines. You can also tell on Instagram if a post is sponsored because the blogger will use #ad, #sponsored, or another disclaimer the brand has required.

A sponsored post is a post that a business or company pays you to write; however, the sponsored blog post should look like any other post on the blogger’s website.

It should have the same tone and editorial feel, but this is definitely where you can tell the authenticity of a blogger. AKA they’re only promoting things they would enthusiastically tell their best friend about.

5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog in 2020

For example:

One way I’m monetizing my blog through sponsored posts is by partnering with California Walnuts to develop recipes using walnuts. I recently developed this Creamy, Vegan Walnut Vinaigrette for them that is out of this world! This is an organic fit for me that I’m extremely passionate about.

Why? Because I know the many amazing health benefits of walnuts and as a nutritionist, it’s important to me to share my knowledge on such topics. Walnuts contain the key nutrients I preach about in my e-book, Redefining Wellness, so it’s a perfect fit.

Through developing recipes for them, I am able to think of creative ways to get consumers to eat more walnuts.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • I get paid to develop recipes using something that I love and am excited to share
  • California Walnuts gets their product out to my readers (as well as their own since they have purchased the rights)
  • The reader gets free recipes and learns about the importance of walnuts!

In the beginning, your sponsored post may not be paid in cash at all. Companies may offer a free product you receive to give an honest opinion of or share on your blog.

Once you have a loyal following you can begin charging brands. This is when you need to determine your rates based on reach, engagement, following size, website traffic, the brand’s ask, etc. 

Negotiation and pricing is a whole other ball game that most certainly deserves its own blog post.

I took Julie Solomon’s course and it helped me a lot. You can take her free webinar here and then decide if you’d like to sign up as well!

I highly recommend it if you’re lost when it comes to pitching or negotiation. The masterclass shares strategies to book brand collabs, negotiate deals, & monetize platforms for influencers and bloggers. She’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pitching brands, media, negotiating brand deals and more. I still look back on the course and the free masterclass occasionally for reminders.

How to Make Full-Time Income Blogging

How To Monetize Your Blog Through Ad Income

When you own your own website, aka you’re self-hosted (I talk a lot about the importance of being self-hosted in part one of this series), you can sell advertising on it. In the beginning, this is a small amount of money but as your reach grows and you get more traffic to your site, you’ll get accepted into better ad networks and make money based on how many sessions you get.

Currently, I’m with Mediavine and make about $30 for every 1,000 sessions my site gets. You can read about the difference between page views and sessions in this article.

This means if you get around 100,00 monthly sessions (not page views) you’d bring in around $3,000/month (although it varies month to month).

You need a minimum of 60K sessions to sign on with Mediavine,

A list of ad networks and their requirements can be found in this article.

Again, you need to be self-hosted in order to run ads on your site. I am self-hosted through Siteground and they’ve been amazing. Their customer service is incredible and I have never had my website crash in the two years working with them.

How To Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Income

What’s your favorite product in the world? I mean the WORLD? The thing that your friends can’t get you to stop talking about?

Blogging means that you can make money from telling people about it.

Take this cropped hoodie I found a month ago. I was so excited when I found it because I had been looking for the perfect cropped hoodie! This one is under $30, is super cute, comes in six different colors, and is extremely soft.

I was thrilled to share it with my audience, but was also able to make money off of it!

Another win-win-win.

  • I get paid to endorse something I love because the company that sells the hoodie gives me a small percentage of the sale amount without changing the price for the reader.
  • The company sells more hoodies,
  • The reader gets a solution to a problem she struggles with.

Five Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Again, if you only recommend things that you’d enthusiastically tell your best friend about, then you’ll likely make a lot of money blogging because you build up that trust.

I will also say, don’t be afraid to negotiate a higher percentage! Some companies will only offer 5% of the sale to the endorser initially, but everything is negotiable.

Ask for more.

At the end of the day you’re getting the company sales they never would have had. Any amount of money or sales they make off of your endorsement is a win for them.

Almost every product or service in the world has an affiliate program and if they don’t then I reach out to them to see if they would like to create one.

The answer is almost always yes.

How To Monetize Through Products

You can also create your own products and services to sell.

Take my e-book for example. I wrote Redefining wellness because I saw a need for nutrition education in the wellness space that wasn’t focused on calories in vs. calories out or numbers.

Through sharing my disordered eating story in the past, I was able to connect with my readers on a deep, emotional level. I saw how many of my readers were trying to break free from food obsession, body shame, emotional eating, counting macros, or exercise additions, and this book was my way of reaching the masses to solve the problem.

I am only able to take on so many clients at a time, so Redefining Wellness has been a great resource for my readers. 

A great product usually requires either a lot of money or a lot of time to create; however, your own products have the most potential for long term earning.

I’m all about passive income, so products are a big part of my business strategy as Hello Spoonful continues to grow.

You can also sell a course, a book, a physical product (like t-shirts) or pretty much anything you can think of.

How To Make Money Blogging in 2020

How To Monetize Through Services

Bloggers can also sell a service like one-on-one coaching or group coaching.

Personally, I offer one-on-one nutrition coaching, speak on panels, host events, and speak at corporate workshops.

Anyone and everyone have a service they can offer! You just have to get creative and think outside of the box sometimes.

  • If you write about home decor, you could sell interior design consultations.
  • If you write about finances, you can offer CPA sessions.
  • If you write about blogging, you can offer business coaching to help start a blog.
  • If you’re a photographer you could host a photography workshop. (Food Blogger Pro has some AMAZING photography courses!)

There are so many services out there that we don’t even know about.

First, prove your expertise on your blog. Next, begin pitching your services with proven results. Lastly, start making money.


Blogging can be an extremely profitable and lucrative career path by practicing these five monetization strategies.

I hope these five examples were helpful and, as always, please shoot me an email, leave a comment, or shoot me a DM if you have any questions or comments! I always want to be a resource for you all.

Have a wonderful day and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. I use all of these techniques to monetize my blogs. But don’t forget that your social channels also can yield income alone too. So it is important to build a following and not just get them to your site. You create a following with your social channels. People already trust you and take your recommendations seriously.

  2. I’ve been monetizing for years and it’s helped pad our income so much! I get asked a lot as well and explain what I do, but a lot never follow through and thought it was just easy money.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve learned a lot from this post! I’ve been blogging for more than 7 years, really enjoy my job.

  4. I remember that some years ago I was looking for every kind of info that would help me to find the best way to monetize. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Great post. I am very new to this field. I was learning about monetization and your blog contains detailed information. Thank you for sharing.

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