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How To Plan The Perfect Budget-Friendly Gender Reveal Party

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This blog post is all about how to plan the perfect gender reveal party in a cost-effective, budget-friendly way that’s sure to impress!

First of all, Michael and I are over the moon to be having a baby BOY!!! I was completely SHOCKED and to be honest,  it took me a couple of days to process the news.

It’s such a wild feeling being able to call him by name now. Time to get into full-on boy mom mode. I cannot WAIT!

Gender reveal party confetti and smoke poppers

Oh myyyy you have NO idea how excited I am to be writing this post! If you read my first-trimester recap blog post, you know the first 13-14 weeks were brutal for me.

During that time, I tried to focus on small milestones to keep me upbeat and excited, and planning our gender reveal was definitely one of them!

I started tentatively planning around 7 weeks in. I have been fearful of miscarriage this entire journey, so I didn’t really dive into planning until about 9 weeks, after our first ultrasound.

Once I heard our little bean’s strong heartbeat pumping, I wanted to give myself the space to feel excited and celebrate everything to come.

I hope you enjoy this blog post and find some ideas for your pregnancy journey as well!

Gender reveal party ideas

Gender Reveal Party Theme

I decided on the theme “He or she, what will baby bee?”.  I loved the color scheme I was able to stick with (gold, white, black, and beige) as well as the fact it was pretty gender-neutral.

I’ve seen a lot of pink and blue themes, but this one just stood out to me and I loved the decor I found to go along with it!

What will baby bee gender reveal bannerGender Reveal Invitations

For the invites, I decided to use Paperless Post. I spent $20 dollars to get 100 “coins” to use for invites. I could have gotten away with spending $10 for 25 “coins”, but it was a better deal and I plan on using Paperless Post again for future events.

I designed our invitations on Canva, then uploaded them to Paperless Post. Within Paperless Post I was able to create a cute envelope with bumblebee on it (to go with the theme) and they were adorable!

gender reveal what will baby bee envelope


He or she what will baby bee invitation


Where to buy decorations for your gender reveal party

I found all of our decorations at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and on Amazon.

I found this cake topper and this cute burlap sign on Amazon. I saw a lot of signs on Etsy, but none of them stood out like this one. I knew we’d be hanging it on a white background and I wanted to make sure it contrasted enough to be able to be seen!

what will baby bee gender reveal party theme

I purchased clear plates for serving the snacks and cake at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to make sure they were very sturdy, so they were a little more expensive! You can definitely find less expensive ones online or at Target. Here are similar ones that are less expensive.

I also saw picked up some stickers at Hobby Lobby! I wanted the guests to choose “team boy” or “team girl” when they arrived and wear them so I could see. They were inexpensive, cute, and I love that it’s a way my friends and family could engage in the event. You can find similar ones on amazon here.

Gender reveal party ideas

I also grabbed confetti to sprinkle on the tablescape. I liked the little bit of pink and blue it added without being overbearing. 🙂

I found gold and white forks, small metal buckets, a tablecloth, gold confetti to hang, honeycomb balls with tassels, napkins, and a mini chalkboard/dry erase board at Walmart.

Gender reveal party ideas on a budget

Lastly, I picked up some twine and clothespins from Michael’s craft store to hang some onesies and ultrasound photos. We added the honeycomb balls on either side. I loved the way it turned out!

How we announced the gender!

We ordered 5 confetti poppers and 5 confetti and powder smoke poppers off of Etsy. It totaled ~$100. I have had this vision of an EPIC explosion of confetti and smoke falling over us, but most people just order 2 poppers and will pop them with their husband or wife instead. I just thought it would be super cool to have our friends and family pop them for us. 

Gender reveal party on a budget

It was fun to get them involved and definitely intensified the event haha. You could definitely cut costs here by ordering 2 and save around $80.

My biggest piece of advice? SKIP the smoke poppers and just stick with confetti!

I had a disaster happen with the powder cannons. My friend’s mom ordered them for us and THANKFULLY had them delivered to her home because when she opened the box, the powder was EVERYWHERE!

Baby announcement gender reveal photo

One of the poppers with powder in it got a cut in it during shipping and it spilled out on all of them. She ended up having to call my friend (so my friend found out the gender early) and they cleaned them up as best as they could.

The perfect gender reveal dress and outfit for fall

I’m embarrassed to say I ordered 7 dresses off of amazon before finding the one I landed on. Whoops!

I normally don’t care that much about my outfit, but I had my heart set on a PINK dress. Not a somewhat pink dress, not a magenta dress, but a PINK dress.

Gender reveal party idea

I finally found the perfect one on Amazon for less than $27! It had long sleeves, was the perfect fit, the perfect shade of pink, and great for fall!

I paired it with these booties from Target and a jean jacket I’ve had for years. Here is a similar one. It was a little pricey, but SO worth it. Mother denim is unmatched! It’s so soft and breathable.

Second Trimester photoshoot

I paired it all with a sparkly blue and grey necklace that I already owned and sparkly earrings I already had as well.

Hiring a photographer

This was the most expensive thing we purchased for our gender reveal, but it’s absolutely optional.

I wanted to have professional pictures taken at the event because I am just so over the moon about everything. I didn’t want to be stressed about not capturing the moment or missing out on something because I was too busy documenting it (blogger life).

Gender reveal party idea on a budget

Our photographer was $250 for the hour. Again, this is definitely optional and a way to save a lot of money is to just have your friends send you the pictures they take at the event. 🙂

Food and drinks

Michael’s mom was incredible and helped us out with the food and drinks. She’s an amazing hostess who loves to plan gatherings (you can check out her site here) for women, so she stepped in and helped out a ton!

What will baby bee cake and cake topper

She ordered us a cake from The Patio Cake and Bakery. We stayed with the theme by adding sunflowers to a white round cake, and the icing inside had the color of the gender!

She also made snacks to stick with the bumblebee theme.

She made crackers with goat cheese and honey, cups with pretzels and honey mustard, fruit kabobs, and pink and blue seltzer waters.

Gender reveal party food

This is clearly a huge blessing having someone provide this for us, but if you were planning food for your gender reveal on a budget, here’s what I would do.

I would pick up a $7 angel food cake from Whole Foods, create a simple icing (like the one I use on my pumpkin banana bread) and add a cake topper. Then, I would make my own cupcakes from scratch for the guests to have “single-serve” cakes.

I would go to Costco and grab a big tub of fruit, cheese, crackers, and nuts. I would make a pretty charcuterie board with the cheese, crackers, and nuts, and put the fruit in cute plastic cups. Boom, done!

People are really just there for YOU, not the food. So don’t stress about that.

Gender reveal party idea

Gender reveal party celebration

Gender Reveal Cost Breakdown:

— Decor: $86.69

— Invites: $10.00

— 10 Confetti Poppers: $98.00

— Photographer: $250.00

— Food: $0

Total: $444.69

Planning the perfect gender reveal

You can easily cut this down by another $300 by skipping the photographer and 10 confetti poppers.

That would put you at under $150 for the party, plus food!

I love the way our party came together and hope this blog post has been helpful in planning your next gender reveal!


How To Plan The Perfect Gender Reveal Party

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