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17 White Elephant Gifts That Everyone Will Want

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This post is all about the best white elephants to bring to your holiday party in 2020! Here are a variety of white elephant gift ideas for your exchange this year that everyone will be fighting over.


Shower Wine Glass Holder

There are no rules in 2020, which means drinking in the shower is totally acceptable. This silicone shower wine glass holder is a sure-fire winner at your next White Elephant gift exchange!

Bathroom Guest Book

Funny white elephant gifts are my personal favorite. Leave this in your bathroom and see who actually fills it out! I bet you’d end up with some creative messages.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

I’m pretty sure my pizza cutter ALWAYS goes missing. There’s not misplacing this bicycle pizza cutter. Inexpensive and perfect for all guests.

Hopeless Ramen-Tic Bowl

I’m a sucker for a good pun, and who doesn’t love ramen?

Coffee Mug Warmer

There’s nothing worse than reheating your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate over and over again. This is an inexpensive and practical white elephant gift that everyone can use!

Pooping Pooches Calendar

Okay, this is probably my favorite gift on the list because it’s SO ridiculous! A whole calendar dedicated to pooping pooches. What will they think of next? haha.

Toilet Golf

We all know someone who sits on the toilet way longer than necessary. This gift is perfect for them!

Vegetable Chopper

This is a practical gift if you’re not sure what to bring or how the crowd would respond to a pooping pooches calendar 😉

Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

Can you imagine eating sushi with lightsaber chopsticks? Hilarious.

Phone Neck Holder

I’ve actually seen some *influencers* own this and use it haha. No more neck pains when you have this phone neck holder!

Mini Waffle Maker

I personally own one of these and LOVE it. They’re only $9 and work great. This is a gift I’d definitely be excited to walk away with.

Head Massager

A head massager is a classic white elephant gift. You can’t go wrong with one of these.

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This Bluetooth karaoke microphone is a risky play depending on whose hands it ends up in. I know I’d love to walk away with it, but Michael would probably hope I didn’t.

Funny Coasters

These actually made me LOL. Only $10 and checks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect white elephant gift.

Wine Glass Bottle

Again, there are no rules in 2020 so if you want to drink the whole bottle, I’m not here to judge.

Electric Wine Opener

This is a practical and inexpensive gift that *most* people would be excited about! Even if the winner doesn’t love it, they probably have a friend they can hand it off to 😉

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker is EPIC. I’m obsessed with my mini waffle maker and this sandwich maker gives me the same vibes. 10/10 recommend bringing this to your white elephant party.



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