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Wild One First Birthday Party on a Budget!

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I wanted to go all out for Isaiah’s 1st birthday but also wanted to keep it budget friendly. I hope you enjoy seeing his birthday party prep, get some birthday party food ideas (like his smash cake!), and maybe you will throw a Wild One themed party, too!

I can’t believe Isaiah is already one! Time seriously has flown and I have so many mixed emotions about him growing up. I love that he is getting such a fun personality, but there are moments I miss the newborn snuggles. I would 100% choose this stage over the newborn stage, though!


I had the best time planning, prepping, organizing, and baking for his birthday party. It was a LOT of work and I wish I would have asked for some help along the way, but it was worth it one thousand percent!

I hope this blog post is helpful in helping you plan for your baby’s Wild One first birthday party!

First Birthday Party Food Ideas:

Smash Cake – I used this organic cake mix and added a frosting made of pureed dates and greek yogurt!

Fruit Platter – Homemade using strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapes

Veggie Platter – Homemade using cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and a ranch dip

Funfetti Cupcakes – I used this organic one and cream cheese icing. You can find the recipe for my favorite lightened up cream cheese icing in this blog post.

Pretzels + Hummus – I used organic pretzel crisps from cotsco and two kinds of hummus. I used my favorite Lantana carrot Sriracha hummus and a classic Sabra hummus

Animal Crackers – To stay on theme! I got a BIG container from costco.

Kettlecorn – I got a huge bag of Boomchickapop from Costco and can’t recommend it enough. It is ADDICTING.

Wild One 1st Birthday Party Outfit!

Wild One Romper

This romper was perfect for Isaiah! It is SO soft and fits true to size. I layered a long sleeve onesie under it since it was a little cooler outsite.

Birthday Crown

He actually kept this birthday crown on the ENTIRE party! I was impressed. It is so cute!!

Stride Rite Unisex-Child Soft Motion Kennedy Sneaker

These shoes match his outfit perfectly and are great for cruising around our rocky backyard. I’ve heard great things about Stride Rite shoes. It’s best to keep your baby barefoot as much as possible, but when we go to the park or the playground, these are great to slip on him so he doesn’t get bothered by the concrete.

Wild One Birthday Decorations

I kept it pretty simple with the party decorations and I think it turned out great! After all, this was a birthday party on a budget, so I knew the decor would be limited. I like that it wasn’t overwhelming.. especially because our porch isn’t very big!

There was a drink bin on the left side, a table for utensils, plates, and cups, and his decorated high chair in the corner along with the many gifts he received!

Gold Safari Animal Figurines

These gold safari animal figurines were the perfect addition to the table! I would have loved to add some sequence, beads, or stickers to the table as well but truthfully I ran out of time. If you watched my YouTube first birthday vlog and saw how we prepped for his Wild One birthday party, you know my time was extremely limited!

Ivy Leaf Garland

I strung this ivy leaf garland behind the table filled with food. I love the special touch it added to the theme but would definitely recommend buying a two pack!

Wild One Balloon Sign

This sign was super easy to blow up and stayed put and inflated which was great! It’s still hanging outside (almost 5 days later) and hasn’t deflated at all despite the crazy wind.

Wild One Themed Plates, Napkins, Cups, Cutlery, & Straws

This pack of utensils was perfect for saying on theme with Wild One! How cute are those little animals??

Wild One Birthday Decoration Set

I used a few of the animal balloons in this set and they were ADORABLE! I also loved the milestone banner, high chair banner, and little sticks to place in the cupcakes!

NuLink Electric Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Blower Pump

To be honest, I didn’t get to use this balloon pump because the noise TERRIFIED Isaiah (It just sounds like a vacuum cleaner but he wasn’t having it!)

I practiced blowing up a few balloons with it and it worked wonderfully, but since he was awake when I was decorating, I ended up not using it this time around. It works well and I will for sure use it in the future!

12pcs Jungle Animal Headbands Safari Party Favors

These were such a big hit with the kids!! I wasn’t expecting the kids who came to the party to love them so much but I’m really glad I ordered them and set them out. It added something special for them to join in on the theme.


We set up corn hole along the side of our house, lit a fire pit to make s’mores, and celebrated with a smash cake. It was the perfect amount of activities to keep people entertained but not overwhelmed on a schedule.

I loved that everyone could just mingle, talk, meet and the kids could run around. We also had a few of Isaiah’s toys opened outback (like his bubble lawnmower, basketball goal, and balls) that the kids could play with.

Corn Hole

I ordered Micahel this Oregon Ducks corn hole board for his Christmas gift. It was great for the adults to have something to do if they wanted! The kids liked to climb all over them as well haha.

Fire Pit

I got Michael this fire pit for Father’s day last year and it’s been great! We set up a s’mores bar with these extendable marshmallow sticks for the birthday party and everyone loved it! It also was on theme for Wild One which was perfect!

I hope this blog post gave you some good ideas on how to throw a budget friendly and affordable first birthday party for your baby boy or girl!

What 1st birthday themes have you seen and loved!?


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